Electronic Voting Systems and Solutions

With a range of internet and electronic voting systems that can be customised to meet the needs of your business, CiVS has a proven record in providing clients with solutions that are fast, fair and completely confidential. Whether it’s an Enterprise Agreement, ballot, election or other type of survey that needs to be conducted, the solutions that CiVS offers are made to be simple, secure, and above all, reliable.

CiVS’ electronic voting solutions are independent, giving participants the peace of mind knowing that their vote is secure and not to be shared externally. As a survey or vote is able to be customised, the technology and systems that are used prevent users from participating multiple times, regardless of what channel the client opts to utilise.

As part of their internet voting systems, CiVS’ Online Information Portal informs participants of how the voting process works, helping employers meet their statutory obligations. Also on offer is the Real-Time Dashboard, which shows the aggregated participation and outcome progress at any time throughout the vote. Clients also have access to a 24-Hour Support Line if they need help or if they have any issues in completing a vote of survey. Once a voting period has closed, CiVS can provide a Declaration of Result report which shows the client what the results of the vote were.

Features of Internet Voting

Completely Confidential

In order to ensure privacy and confidentiality isn’t breached, CiVS promises that no individual vote will be revealed and that all voting data is stored locally.

Voter Support Line

CiVS is committed to providing support for you and your participants before, during and after the vote has taken place with an after-hours support line available when need be.

Declaration of Result

Once the voting period has concluded, a Declaration of Result PDF report can be sent to you within hours of the close of vote..

Customised Electronic Voting Systems

No matter what channel you choose to conduct your vote on, CiVS can customise the tools you use.

Vote Confirmation

Upon the completion of their vote, participants will be sent an email that confirms their vote has been successfully lodged and received.

Secure Voting Environments

The CiVS voting environment is situated in a secure hosting facility in Perth, Western Australia. CiVS’ voting software operates using a web server and a data base server, which is firewalled from the outside world.

If you’d like to learn more about CiVS’ electronic voting systems and solutions, get in touch today by calling the team on (08) 6314 0580.

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