Customised Online Surveys

Do you want more than a yes or no answer? CiVS’ confidential and independent online employee surveys are a convenient and efficient method of gauging the sentiment of your workforce. By offering your employees the opportunity to provide insightful and anonymous feedback, you can gather valuable data to assist you in making smarter business decisions.

CiVS’ online employee surveys are developed from their customised online voting software and tools that can also be used for elections and ballots. The employee surveys provide a powerful platform that offers security, independence, accuracy and accountability. Whether you want to ask your workforce a single question or a hundred questions, their online survey solutions are tailored to suit the individual requirements of your organisation.

As well as offering solutions that are secure and accurate, the employee survey software and tools CiVS can customise for you are also beneficial in an economical sense, and are also designed to be simple to use. CiVS also offer an optional 24-hour Voter Support Line and Vote Information Portal for clients to use as well.

Online Survey Features & Benefits


Once having just completed a CiVS vote, your staff will be familiar with the process, maximising the possible response rate for the survey.

Rewards/Incentives Program

CiVS can manage survey rewards programs for you to increase staff survey participation. This includes cash rewards, gift vouchers and prizes.

Independent and Confidential

Survey respondents have the CiVS Votes equivalent security and uncompromised confidentiality guarantee.

In-Depth Report and Analysis

CiVS provides you with an in-depth survey report to assist with analysing the result and taking action, as well as provide customised analysis of data.

Post-Agreement Vote Survey

Invite your staff to participate in a confidential anonymous online survey, giving you more information than the agreement yes and no vote total.


You have the flexibility to customise the questions, answer format and the result report.

To see how CiVS can prepare online employee surveys and provide you with the software and tools you need, contact the team to see what they can do for your business today on (08) 6314 0580.

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