Online Voting System Process

As the experts in internet and online voting systems, CiVS are here to provide you with a solution that’s completely confidential and secure.  As the trusted company in online voting services CiVS can provide 24-hour support for whenever you need assistance. Through the use of their software and tool, CiVS can customise the services to suit your business’ needs. Whether you’re looking to conduct an online employee survey, an Enterprise Agreement vote, a ballot or another type of survey, CiVS are bound to have the solution for you.

CiVS’ online voting process takes place over five simple steps:

Step 1

The client will provide CiVS with a list of participants in Excel format with names, email addresses and/or mobile numbers, and a unique identifier (usually date of birth) to validate CiVS Support Line callers.

Step 2

CiVS will prepare a letter and a short presentation to introduce CiVS to participants, and will provide comprehensive support and assistance with the voting process.

Step 3

CiVS will then distribute a PIN and User Number to all participants. This PIN Number distribution usually occurs the working day prior to the vote opening for all participants.

Step 4

Once the vote has opened, participants can lodge their individual vote via a choice of online, SMS and/or phone voting channels.

Step 5

Once the voting has closed, CiVS prepares and sends to the client a Declaration of Result report in a secure PDF format, sometimes within hours of the vote closing.

Features of CiVS’ Online Voting Systems


All of our online voting systems can be set so as to customise our services.


As well as being customisable, our systems are made to be simple and easy-to-use for voters.

Confidential and Secure

All voting is kept confidential and secure, ensuring the outcome is trusted by all stakeholders involved.

Real-Time Dashboard

The Real-Time Dashboard can give insights on aggregated participation and outcome process at any stage of the vote.

24/7 Support Line

CiVS provides a 24-Hour Support Line for voters if they need assistance during the completion of their vote.

Declaration of Result

A Declaration of Result report can be provided within a few hours of the completion of the vote to the client.

Whether you’re looking to run an online employee survey, an Enterprise Agreement vote or another type or election or ballot, CiVS has the solutions you need. To find out more about how to use CiVS’ online voting services contact the team today by calling (08) 6314 0580.

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