5 Tips for Enterprise Agreement Voting

CiVS independent online voting service specialises in the management of Enterprise Agreement (EA) voting. Online voting is simple, hassle-free and an economical voting solution. Mike Michael, CiVS Managing Director, shares some lessons he has learned about preparing for an online enterprise agreement voting.

Tip 1

Your staff are IT savvy
It’s estimated 85% of Australians own a smart phone. Your staff can cast their EA vote instantly without doing much more than picking up their phone. It’s a myth that baby boomers are lacking internet savvy. This demographic shop, google, create LinkedIn profiles and rarely have issues with the process of online or SMS voting.

Tip 2

Decrease your voting period
Staff can vote immediately anywhere they can make a phone call so there is no need to keep the voting period open for weeks. Online voting gives you an instant result so you can plan your IR strategy without any delays. By employing appropriate voting methods and implementing a sound communication strategy companies are now opening votes for periods as short as 24 – 48 hours.

Tip 3

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
When discussing the EA with your staff, include information about the voting process and the company performing the vote. Explain the independence and anonymity of voting system and workplace rumours and doubt are minimised.

Tip 4

Keep staff records up to date
Mobile phone numbers and personal email addresses are needed. If an EA vote is on the horizon, check you have current contact details for all voters. Often we are engaged to run online voting at short notice, it is only then that HR departments recognise their records are not up to date. Very tight deadlines set by the business and staff can create considerable pressure.

Tip 5

Remember your casuals
When updating staff records, remember to include your casual work force. They may be voting in your EA and will need all the information your full-time staff require.

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