CiVS specialises in Secure, Confidential and Independent Voting Services

Using state-of-the-art voting software, the team at CiVS provide secure online voting for enterprises and member organisations Australia-wide. CiVS have developed a customised voting system that can be used for Enterprise Agreements, employee and member surveys, protected action ballots and elections.

From our years of experience, there are several factors that should be considered when structuring the voting environment. We are always happy to share this knowledge. With three different voting channels provided, CiVS can create the optimal environment for your vote.

Our Clients

CiVS has completed over 1,000 ballots, the vast majority for Enterprise Agreements, collecting the votes of more than a quarter of a million people Australia wide.

We Offer

  • Multiple voting channels suited to any workforce or members with online, SMS and phone voting solutions.
  • Secure online voting software that’s never been successfully challenged in the Fair Work Commission.
  • Customised online voting platforms equipped with the necessary tools that are suited to your organisation’s requirements.
  • 24-Hour Voter Support Line and Voter Information Portal to ensure your employees have all the information and support they need to vote.
  • Voting for multiple uses including Enterprise Agreements, elections, protected action ballots and employee and member surveys.

Online Voting Options

Multiple Voting Channels. Choose one or more voting channels to ensure that your whole workforce or membership have access and can participate.

Voter Information Portal. Choose to create a secure micro-site linking to your unique online voting URL giving participants access to any PDF, weblink or document you choose to provide.

Reminder to Vote. Choose to send out ‘Reminder to Vote’ communications to participants during the vote to assist in maximising your voter participation rate.

Post-Agreement Vote Survey. Choose to invite participants to engage in a confidential and anonymous online survey, giving you more information than just a declaration of result.

24-Hour Participant Support Line. Choose 24/7 support over office hours support so no matter what day or hour, support is only a phone call away.

Online Voting Software

A Trusted Result

Independent. CiVS, as a non-aligned, independent stakeholder, provides our clients with a service that ensures that every participant’s vote is held confidential from our client and is recorded as intended.

Secure. Certified SSL voting software guarantees 256-bit encryption of all data, coupled with secure cloud-based server infrastructure ensures the online voting system is secure and confidential.

Privacy and Confidentiality. All votes are confidential and no individual vote will be revealed. All voting data is stored securely right here in Australia.

Accuracy. Although offering multiple voting channels, each voter is able to only vote once in a CiVS vote.

Real Benefits

Time Saving. You can focus on your business’ priorities while leaving the logistics of any online vote to the CiVS experts.

Maximise “Turnout”. The multi-voting platform is designed to maximise voter participation rate.

Instant Results. Declaration of Result reports can be delivered within hours of the vote closing.

Economical. CiVS voting solutions don’t require any printing, posting, staff for vote counting, returning officers, paper vote storage or vote disposal. They are an economical alternative to traditional postal voting.

Voting Channels

Online Voting System

Online Voting

Online voting allows access to voting from anywhere with an internet connection
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Online Voting System - SMS

SMS Voting

Fast and convenient for voters, SMS voting maximises your voter participation rate
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Online Voting System - Phone

Phone Voting

Automated phone voting offers a low-tech alternative for voters
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