Voting Channels

CiVS offers three voting channels in which a participant can vote – online voting, phone voting and SMS voting. These can be in any combination of 1, 2 or all three.

No matter which channels are made available to participants, and which channel they choose to use, they can only vote once.

Whether it’s an Enterprise Agreement, ballot, election or other type of survey that needs to be conducted, the solutions that CiVS offers are simple, secure, and above all, reliable.

Discuss the voting channels that are right for you.

Online Voting System

Online Voting

Our industry leading, online voting tool provides voters with a clear and easy process for voting.

In this channel, we email, or post if necessary, a 6-digit Username, a 4-digit PIN and a unique web address created for your vote, for participants to go to.

Participants go to the web address, log-in using their credentials, much like internet banking, where they cast their vote or answer your survey questions.

Online Voting System - SMS

SMS Voting

SMS voting is perfect for simple Yes or No votes.

With SMS Voting, there is no PIN and we link the participants mobile phone number to the 6-digit Username we create for each participant.

The participant is simply asked the question, and they reply to the SMS with “yes” or “no”. If they reply with any other text, a vote is not recorded, and they are asked the question again.

Online Voting System - Phone

Phone Voting

Phone voting is similar to using the phone for Internet banking.

Automated phone voting offers a low-tech alternative for voters.

This is like the online channel, in that we email, or post if necessary, a 6-digit username, a 4-digit PIN to each participant, and provide a 1300 telephone number to call.

A recorded message will ask the participant to enter their Username and PIN using the telephone keypad. It will then ask the question and invite the respondent to vote by pressing “1 for yes” and “2 for no”.

Online Voting System - Phone

Multi-Channel Voting

The characteristics of each channel vary, and these can be a benefit or a hindrance to the process, depending on the specific nature of your unique vote. Once we understand some of the complexities about your specific vote, we can advise on the best way forward.

We may advise a multi-channel vote which combines two or three channels to ensure all participants have an equal and effective opportunity to vote.

If you instruct us to carry out a survey, an election, or any situation where more than one question is being asked and/or the response requires more than, or something different to a “yes” or “no”, then the online channel is the only practical option.

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