Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter in the Office

Celebrating Easter in the office might seem frivolous but there’s a good reason for companies to host celebrations. Embracing holiday activities around the office is a great way to boost employee morale. Setting a positive tone in the office is likely to have spill over effects to productivity and retention rates. In a study that ran from 1996-2001, it was found that an increase in job satisfaction directly increased per-hour productivity. Celebrating holiday activities also plays a role in bettering the company culture and social environment. It creates a window of opportunity for communication and team building, improving workplace relations. Additionally, it moves employees out of a workplace rut and gives them a chance to think creatively. Creative thinking in the office is a great way to breed innovation and improve employee satisfaction at the same time.


It’s clear there’s a good argument for why companies should celebrate Easter in the office. Now we just have to decide on what’s the best way to celebrate. We’ve put some of our favourite ideas down below.


Easter bake-off

An Easter bake-off is a great way for employees to show off their creativity. Encourage employees to bring in any baked Easter treat. From Easter egg truffles through to bunny cake pops, employees have lots of baking options. Consider drumming up some friendly competition with prizes for the best baked good. You can host a vote with a specific panel of judges or get everyone in the office to put in a vote for their favourite. Adding a competitive aspect will help increase the effort and involvement of employees.


An Easter bake-off also makes the perfect set up for an excellent morning tea. Put out some coffee and tea and watch as everyone makes conversation and tries new Easter treats.

Easter in the office


Team breakfast or morning tea

Maybe your employees aren’t the baking type — that’s okay. You can still treat your employees to an Easter-themed morning tea even if it’s not with cakes that they baked. Put out a spread of tea, coffee, hot cross buns and invite employees around. Dribble a couple chocolate eggs around the place and you have a perfect on-theme morning tea to boost morale.


If you want to go the extra mile you can also put out some hot chocolate and marshmallows. An Easter morning tea can be as extravagant or as simple as you desire. So don’t feel afraid to go all out — or just keep things easy.

Easter in the office


Decorate common areas

Decorating common spaces is an easy and cheap way to show employees that you care. It will help to embrace the Easter spirit in an effortless way. Focus your efforts in areas where employees hang out the most: the breakroom, kitchen, or other common spaces. All you need is a couple Easter garlands and colourful eggs to make a difference. This is possibly one of the easiest ways to celebrate Easter in the office, low upfront costs but high results. The presence of Easter décor will make employees feel immersed in the holiday.


If you were hoping to get employees more hands-on, invite them to come decorate. Set up arts and crafts-based activities and let them have free rein over Easter decorations. This is another great way to spark creativity in the office at low cost.

Easter in the office


Organise a community service project

Here’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Bring the Easter spirit to your employees while boosting your CSR. As Easter approaches many charitable organisations start up their own Easter themed projects. Flowerbed planting and Easter baskets for the elderly are just some of the activities you might see pop up around your town. These offer a fun way to get involved and be creative while also doing something good for the larger community. As Easter approaches, research organisations near you to see if there’s anyway you and your team can get involved. If you’re looking at setting up activities for a state-wide company, look online at national organisations. This way your employees have an opportunity to get in on the action, no matter where they are.


Egg decorating

To finish off our list we’ve got (arguably) the most well-known activity — egg decorating. Nothing says Easter celebration quite like sitting around painting and dying Easter eggs. Put out some eggs, paints and markers for your employees and watch their creativity unleash. Traditionally hard-boiled eggs are used, but for an office activity it might be best to swap out for plastic instead. Be warned that because of the use of paints, this activity will require a bit of clean-up and set-up. However, there’s nothing that can really rival a classic egg painting session.