CiVS Voter Information Portal Ensures Employees Are Informed

Being of the world’s largest unhedged producers of gold with four mines currently operating in Western Australia and over 1,600 employees on both a residential and fly-in fly-out basis, our client needed a voting solution that could be accessed anytime, anywhere by their employees whereby an online and SMS solution was tailored to their requirements.

Given the large and disbursed workforce, one of the client’s main requirements was that the employees would have easy access to information surrounding the vote prior to the vote opening. CiVS set up an online information portal with secured access for employees to read documents such as the proposed agreement, FAQs, clauses, policies, codes, past agreements and CiVS voting information.

Due to a short vote period of 27 hours, CiVS provided the client with a 24-hour Voter Support phone service to accommodate for the shift workers, should they require support. However, as a result of the sound communication strategy put together with the online information portal, support required was minimal and the participation rate boasted an impressive 82%.

As requested by the client prior to the vote going live, we were able to provide them with protected field breakdowns in their final report for the participation rate and overall yes vs no per site while still protecting the anonymity of all voters.

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