Health Insurer Claims CiVS as EA Vote Provider

CiVS were approached by one of Western Australia’s leading health insurers to assist them with the pending agreement vote for 900 employees distributed across the state.

The insurer’s requirements were consistent with the majority of the clients CiVS has serviced in the past. They needed an economical, simple and efficient voting system. A conversation followed with CiVS demonstrating their capabilities in this area.

The company also harboured concerns regarding staff on short and long term leave who would not have access to their work email during the voting period. The CiVS solution was to inform voters of the voting procedure by email and to support out-of-office eligible voters by also preparing a letter with their individual voting security in addition to utilising private email.

CiVS worked closely with the insurers IT department to safeguard against the possibility the company anti-spam filters blocking 900 simultaneous emails from a single sender to company employees. The technical divisions also liaised to confirm employees could access the CiVS website from their work stations. Following extensive testing, CiVS was found to be free of any high-level blockers and the online voting portal was added to the client’s anti-spam bypass rule.

The convenience of the online voting system enabled the client to reduce the vote opening period from the initially scheduled two week period to five days.

A Declaration of Result was delivered with a participation rate of 76%.

CiVS services utilised by this client include:

  • Online Enterprise Agreement voting
  • Combined work and home email and letter PIN security notification
  • Extensive IT system compatibility testing

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