How CiVS complements HR and legal advisors with EA vote management

CiVS works alongside many HR consultants and IR lawyers to help their clients with their enterprise agreement vote.

“Once we work through the list of what needs to be done, we get to the point where we need to arrange the enterprise agreement vote”, says Gary Champion of HBA Consulting in Canberra.

“There is so much work that goes into the Enterprise Bargaining process, that the actual vote is often forgotten until the last minute. Yet this stage is critical and needs to be managed properly to ensure compliance.”

CiVS helps Gary and his clients to manage the enterprise agreement voting process by:

  1. Offering a variety of ways for employees to vote

CiVS offers voting options for employers so they can offer employees the choice of method they feel comfortable with. For some people, this may be an online vote, some may prefer SMS, and others may like to use the phone. Employers can offer all channels or any in combination.

  1. Online portal with all information for voters

CiVS provides an optional online portal for a vote. This tool can assist employers with providing their employees with all the necessary information they need to make an informed decision to place their vote.

  1. Real time dashboard update during the voting process

CiVS real time dashboard provides live data on how the vote is going while still adhering to all privacy requirements.

Mike Michael, Managing Director of CiVS, says, “CiVS is trusted by leading professional service firms throughout Australia like HBA Consulting. Our focus is to provide the best quality voting service to support the enterprise voting process at value for money price to their clients.”

CiVS provides fully supported, independent and secure online voting, SMS voting and phone voting services – specialising in Enterprise Agreements. If you’d like to find out more about our services, please contact us at to arrange an obligation free proposal.